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Welcome to Dr. Andreas St. Colios

A patient-oriented family dental practice, we are located in the heart of the vibrant Limassol community. We aim to be a place where patients can feel comfortable and relaxed. Our services cover the entire range of general dentistry, as well as offering more specialised dental services – all of which are undertaken with care, expertise and compassion.

We understand the fears and anxieties of sensitive patients, including children, during dental treatments. That’s why we take a ‘part-of-the-family’ approach – providing caring services carried out by dedicated and sensitive dental professionals. Recognising that every patient is unique, we provide singularly focused dental care geared to individual needs – be they preventive, remedial or aesthetic…


Dental Services Provided


Digital X-Ray

Digital radiography, or Digital X-ray, is the latest technology used to take dental X-rays.

Root Canal Treatment

If everything else fails, in some cases, a tooth has to be extracted

Dental Implants

Dental implants will make you feel good about yourself again and feel like having your own teeth again


Teeth Whitening

There are actually two ways to make your teeth whiter and brighter…


Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is essentially any procedure undertaken that will enhance the aesthetics of your smile.


Gum Treatment

Periodontal disease is a general term used to describe many diseases that affect the gums, bone and surrounding structures of the teeth.

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Dentist Limassol

We offer an extensive range of general and more specialized dental treatment

A smile says it all! “It is well known that a healthy and bright smile increases self-esteem and enhances personal appeal – we are a dental practice dedicated to making the whole family smile.”

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