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Dental Prophylaxis

The saying ‘Constant dripping wears away a stone’ also goes for dental health. Caries, gingivitis and tartar do not occur suddenly, but are often the result of poor oral hygiene. The good news: With proper care and a tooth-friendly diet you can counteract the development of many dental and oral diseases. Home dental care should be complimented through regular monitoring and prophylaxis appointments at your dentist’s office – thus laying the foundation for beautiful, healthy teeth into old age.

The most important tips for permanently healthy teeth

Healthy teeth are the result of proper dental care, a healthy lifestyle and regular prophylaxis. Sticking to these tips will improve your dental health efficiently and without too much effort:

1. Brushing  2x daily

Regular brushing is a good basis to keep your teeth healthy for a long time: you should reach for the brush at least twice a day, preferably in the morning before breakfast (so that plaque which has formed over night is removed before eating) and in the evening before bedtime.

2. The right tools make the difference

A good toothbrush has a short head, soft plastic bristles with rounded bristle ends and a planar bristle field. Good cleaning results can also be achieved with modern electric toothbrushes – you are best advised by your dentist. When you purchase your toothpaste make sure it contains fluoride.

3. Important: do not forget interdental spaces

In addition to regular brushing, clean your interdental spaces with dental floss or interdental brushes, as this area is particularly prone to caries. Seek advice from your dentist as to what tools are best suited for your teeth.

4. Tongue cleaning

The importance of cleaning your teeth regularly for good oral care is known. The tongue is, however, often forgotten – a coated tongue is a common cause of bad breath. Cleaning one’s tongue regularly, reduces the amount of harmful germs in the mouth and simultaneously provides fresh breath. Pharmacies and well-stocked supermarkets carry special brushes and scrapers for the removal of tongue coating.

5. Biannual dental check-ups

Optimum screening includes a check-up 2 times a year at your dentist. This way, damage to teeth or gums can be identified early and treated in a timely manner.

6. Professional teeth cleaning at the dentist

Professional tooth cleaning is the perfect addition to home care and should be carried out periodically – in most cases twice a year. Get advice on this from your dentist’s office.

TIP: A healthy, balanced diet promotes dental health: Use whole grain instead of white flour products and reduce the frequency of sugar consumption as much as possible. That is to say: Prefer to eat something sweet once or twice a day rather than spreading sugar consumption throughout the day. Do not forget to brush your teeth afterwards!